The illustration and inspiration of Jasmine Natalie Matthews.

I am a 20 year old student studying visual communication:illustration and like leaves, geometry & corrugated card (throwing a random selection of interests out there. why not....)

updated my website a lil bit.


updated my website a lil bit.


Just had myself a nice lil time looking throughout all my tumblr posts from the past 8 months or so (accidentally while looking for some work i posted on here a while ago). I think i forgot how nice it is to log your interest, things that make you laugh / feel in general if not for any other reason than to have something to look back on and visualise your development as a person. Now I feel bad for slacking.

Ithink ima get back on top of this with more regular posts even if no-one is really paying attention to them lol. I think ive been focusing a lot on being and ‘adult’ lately and forgetting that theres no need to have tunnel vision. Just needed to get over that whole fear of being released into the big bad world and having to find my own way. Everything is starting to come into balance now.

Glad to be back doing what makes me happy.









National Geographic : Black People Laughing

This is the funniest shit I’ve seen since 2k14 dropped.

This is the greatest thing on the internet

'Ya ole ass auntie'

I’m done.

i can’t breathe!!!!!1111

and i bet we did all of these things watching this

just watched this, my the sizzle laugh tho lmfao (not really)

Omggggg dyingggg 😂😂😂😂

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#iwokeuplikethis 💃 #mrscartertour

#iwokeuplikethis 💃 #mrscartertour


Adventures of a LEGO Photographer Taken with an iPhone by Andrew Whyte | via

Photographer Andrew Whyte has found a new way to incorporate LEGOs into the world in his 365-day series, The Legographer. The whimsical collection features a little LEGO figure placed into all kinds of fun and unexpected settings around town. We catch only a glimpse of the toy photographer’s face as he composes the perfect landscape or ventures beyond the known and into the crevices of a brick wall.

The project is a playful exploration of the world from a ground perspective. Viewers will find themselves enjoying the landscapes and scenery but also feeling a sense of curiosity about the LEGO figure and where he might end up next.

Whyte created the entire series with his iPhone and, although there were some technical challenges, he found that the process allowed him to be spontaneous with his creativity. He says, “For a year, the minifigure was like my own model whom I could pose and compose—something that’s seldom needed in my real work. So despite occasional frustrations, honestly I had so much fun and I continued to learn a lot about photography throughout.”

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IKEA Forest TV advert (via ikeauk)

Love this advert. Ikea’s creative team are always on point!


Section 2 from ‘Herb’


Section 2 from ‘Herb’


FASHION: Mary Katrantzou Fall/Winter 2014

Mary Katrantzou proved she is not a one trick pony with her new collection for fall/winter 2014. Gone were the digital prints of yore and in was a lush regalia of emblems: tiny tvs, hearts, squirrels, clocks… 

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ART: Kimsooja’s Room of Rainbows

South Korean-born artist Kimsooja has had a long, intense career full of installations, performances, photography, videos and site-specific project. This particular installation from 2006 is at the Palace de Cristal in Madrid.

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pages of my sketchbook..