The illustration and inspiration of Jasmine Natalie Matthews.

I am a 20 year old student studying visual communication:illustration and like leaves, geometry & corrugated card (throwing a random selection of interests out there. why not....)

Its days like today that make me think i might need to go back to writing myself daily ‘to do’ lists.

im getting the feeling there’s probably a heap of useful / meaningful things i could be doing but my mind is lacking direction. i did say the other day that i wanted to ‘just be’ but this wasn’t really the manifestation i was hoping for. 

Really looking forward to taking a trip to london town this week to check out the Pick Me Up festival at somerset house. Tis always an inspiring experience that reminds me of the main goal im working towards.

Feels good to be getting back into the creative loop.


Places | Neil Campbell Ross | Socks Studio

Neil Campbell Ross is a concept and production artist, designer and art director. Among the commercials and projects he was involved in you can find: Braveheart, An American Tail 2, Space Jam, Tarzan2, Antz, The Corpse Bride, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Flushed Away.

Apart of these productions, his website includes a number of illustrations of “Places”: images often making use of flat field coloring and ranging from almost photorealistic landscapes to surreal scattered fragments of urban sectors.


Otomi Art in Querétaro | Mexico (by Boa Mistura)

The setting for Boa Mistura‘s latest project is La Colonia de las Américas on the outskirts of Querétaro, México. It is a humble community of working class people consisting of housing (much of which is self built) and small business: ‘misceláneas’ (grocery stores), taquerías, and cantinas. La Colonia de Las Américas is located across two sides of a hill, and has a ‘boomerang’ form overlooking the two main highways of the state; the ’5 de febrero’ road and ‘Bernardo Quintana’, which converge exactly at the apex of Las Américas — as a result the neighborhood is seen daily seen by thousands of people.


Spritz app lets you speed read books at 1,000 words per minute

Designed for integration with operating systems, wearables, and online use, Spritz has developed an application that allows users to read books at up-to 1,000 words per minute. The technology has been designed to enhance reading on mobile devices by streaming individual words using an ‘optimal recognition point’ (ORP) technique in a display known as a ‘redicle.’ This method essentially makes communication faster and more effective by removing inefficient eye movements associated with traditional reading. Spritz streams content in single word bursts, aligning text with your line of sight, which as as result, allows you to read without having to move your eyes.






SPOTLIGHT: What Cities Would Look Like Without Any Lights

How stunning is this? Artist Thierry Cohen imagines what the night skies of the world’s largest cities could be like sans light pollution. 

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Creative Fashionary sketches by Grace Ciao

Grace is a fashion illustrator from Singapore. She draws inspiration from everything around her. Her favourite materials are watercolours and flowers. Here are her amazing Fashionary sketches inspired by flowers!

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in my head.

  • ME: self.
  • SELF: huh?
  • ME: who told him to do that?
  • SELF: think I did.
  • I: nope, I ain't tell him to do shit. blame that nigga Heart!
  • ME & SELF: Heart!?
  • ME: thought that mf was dead?
  • SELF: man, shit, that or kidnapped by the crazy stripper bitch.
  • HEART: ain't nobody kill me you dumb mfs.
  • ME, SELF, & I: why the fuck you have him fucking contact her?
  • HEART: the fuck else he got to lose? nothing!!!
  • ME, SELF, & I: *murmurs*
  • ME: Heart does have a point, that nigga really has nothing left to lose. shit, on another note, y'all seen Pride?
  • HEART: heard him & Mind locked up or on the run.
  • EVERYBODY: damn.
  • I: y'all hungry?

The Graveyard House by Eldridge Smerin


How would you feel about your house overlooking a cemetery?

This modernist concrete and glass house sits on the boundary of Highgate Cemetery in north London, with spectacular views right across the city. As one passes through the house, the ceiling opens up to reveal an open sky above the top-floor kitchen which is covered with a sliding glass skylight. Below, in the home’s four storeys, spacious living rooms, bedrooms, and gracious entertaining areas are the mark of a truly grand home.

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Small and miniature oil paintings by Jessica Gardner


Postcards of my hometown Clevedon. Available to buy from ThatCopyShop on Alexandra Road!

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